You might not believe me, but watching Avengers brought me closer to Their voice. I feel it now: that my entire reality is a direct message from Them. I might not always remember it in the moment, but my subconscious does. So then its about remembering that Truth whenever possible and doing my best to weave it in, further validating it for myself and others. Doing my best to make space to listen to the Guidance, to listen to others so that they may feel their own Guidance.

There I am, watching Avengers, chills, tears, spinal shocks, taking it all in. Am I crazy? Am I just interpreting all these things? Or were these messages, these stories, a new form of finding power outside of the often dogmatic structures of Religion? Well, if one person’s advice can act as a sign for us to form an entirely new worldview, why can’t watching movie guide us to do the same? 

They would want me to feel this way. The Guides, God. They would want me to see myself in those characters, to let me know that its all possible. To know that wisdom will cut through the illusion of self-cherishing wrongly perceived power, and that love, technology, and unity will bring us swiftly to our upcoming goals of light and embodying higher consciousness. 

Everyone has their path and role, and while I see myself in each of the characters, I am of course drawn to one. And in viewing this movie, I now better understand my role in our world. I am grateful for this blessing, this peek at the path ahead. Like a pat on the back reassuring that all things are coming in correct timing. 

So, good news that we can speak with Them whenever we choose. It could be a constant stream, or we could choose to work up to that. For it to be constant, we would have to be really grounded in love. It takes a lot of power and energy to always be in communication with Them, enacting God’s will. This is because They exist only as that energy: what we understand as boundless Love. I sincerely wish to also exist in that space, learning my lessons humbly along the way of how to do that until I arrive. Freedom, Light, Pure Energy.

Whoever told us life was simply mundane existence, separated from Heaven? 

That narrative keeps us from reaching our ultimate potentials as individuals and as a human race. We are killing our planet existing in that narrative. We are spending time caring about the simple momentary pleasures versus striving towards exploring our humanity, exploring our universe, creating the reality that We wish to see. The reality that They wish for you to experience. 

We can and we will raise the vibe. Connect to the stream. Release our attachments to what we thought made us happy. Putting the work into radical honesty and forgiveness comes first. Bliss soon follows.